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Conscious Sedation - Prevention of Complications

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Dr. Minocha  is a practicing gastroenterologist and author of "Natural Stomach Care: Treating and Preventing Digestive Disorders with Best of Eastern and Western Therapies"


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  • Patient evaluation is important to reduce the risk of adverse outcomes. Pre-procedure fasting is recommended although of unproven benefit.
  • Monitors for pulse, heart rate, breathing are routinely used during endoscopy. There is lack of any evidence proving that they affect overall outcome. Thus the benefit from the monitoring may only accrue to the high risk patients. We should understand that oxygen supplementation corrects drop in oxygenation but does not affect accumulation of carbon-dioxide in blood.




CONCLUSION :While sedation is responsible for most procedure related complications of heart and lungs, its benefits are controversial. Most commonly used sedatives include benzodiazepines and opiates. Although opiates cause more problems than the benzodiazepines, the latter are responsible for most serious events and deaths. We should make all efforts to minimize complications including proper patient selection, use of minimal dose necessary for sedatives and proper monitoring of patient during and after procedures.



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