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Articles of Interest on Gastroenterology or Digestive Health:

1.      Belching or Eructation New 19.    Antibiotics versus Probiotics New
2.       Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis New 20.    Viral Hepatitis New
3.      Recurrent Chest Pain 21.    Sedation and Endoscopy
4.      Heart Burn and Gastro-Esphageal Reflux 22.    Perforation of Esphagus and Endoscopy
5.      Stomach and Duodenal  Ulcers 23.    Intestinal Gas
6.      Bulla of Esophagus and GVHD 24.    Alternative Medicine in Digestive Diseases
7.      Indigestion and Heart 25.    Lactose Intolerance
8.      Crohn's Disease and Male Genitalia 26.    Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Which Brain is Irritable 
9.      Colon Polyps and Cancer 27.    Alternative Medicine  
10.    Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease 28.    Upper Gastro-intestinal Scope  
11.    Colonoscopy   29.    Colon Cancer Screening New
12.    Advances in Digestive Diseases 30.    Swallowing New
13.     Hangover New 31.    Barrett's Esophagus New
14.     Gallstones New 32.    Heart Burn in Kids and Infants New       
15.    Hiatal Hernia New 33.    Healthy Traveler New
16.    Constipation 

34.    Food Borne Illnesses

17.    Obesity and Weight loss

35.     Many Benefits of Probiotics New

18.    Acid Suppression For Chronic  HeartburnNew

36.  Ronald L. Koratz; on complementary and  alternative   Medicine     New

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