Annual Medical Examination

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Recommended Medical Examinations and Frequency:

Regular Physicals

-Ages 3 to 17: Every Year

-Ages 18-39: Every one to three years

-Ages 40-59: Every one to two years

-Ages 60 and over: Every Year

Pap Smear

Annually, starting at the onset of sexual activity or age 18, whichever comes first.  Doctor may recommend a different schedule in case of several "clear tests" in a row.



The American Cancer Society  recommends a yearly mammogram for women 40 or older. Women with high risk may be advised to get more frequent screenings.

Prostate Cancer Screening

The American cancer society recommends that men have yearly prostate-specific antigen blood tests and digital rectal examinations starting at age 50. Men in high risk groups (African Americans and those with family history) should begin screening at age 45.

Cholesterol Screening

Every five years, both for men and women, starting at age 20.


Understanding General Cholesterol Classifications

Click Here for  Most Recent Cholesterol Guidelines


Colorectal Cancer Tests

For men and women 50 year or older, an annual fecal occult blood test is recommended. Flexible sigmoidoscopy is advised every three to five years.



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