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The following appeared in June 1999 issue of American Journal of Gastroentrology:

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1. Fouad et al. reported that ineffective esophageal motility is the commonest esophageal abnormality in GERD (acid reflux and heartburn) associated respiratory problems like asthma, chronic cough and laryngitis.

2. Folwaczny et al. from Germany found the use of heparin (blood thinner) to be effective in patients with ulcerative colitis and not in those with Crohn's disease.

3. Peters et al reported on the effects of exercise on gastrointestinal symptoms. They found that long-distance runners have 71% prevalence of lower and 36% prevalence of upper gastrointestinal symptoms. Two-thirds of cyclists have both upper and lower digestive symptoms. Complaints of exercise related complaints like diarrhea, bloating and gas occur more at nonexercise periods and not during exercise.

4. Kovacs and colleagues from Loma Linda Univ Medical Center in California examined the adequacy of current guidelines for high level disinfection of gastrointesinal scopes with alkaline gluteraldehyde and found the current guidelines to be adequate.

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