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Getting A Prescription Written or Getting it  Filled  ??....Must Ask the Doctor or Your Pharmacist the Following Questions to Prevent Unnecessary Health Injury Risks.....

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1. What is the drugs name? Is it a trade name or the chemical name? What is the drug for?

2. How much of the drug should be taken at a time and how many times in a day? Does it have to be finished or can I stop after the symptoms subside?

3. Does the drug contain something I am allergic to?

4. Does the drug interact with other drugs being taken?

5. Is it OK to take the drug during pregnancy?

6. Should the drug be taken with food or empty stomach? Should I avoid alcohol during the time the drug is being taken?  What other foods or Drinks need to be avoided?

7. Are there any side effects of this drug? How quickly do they appear and subside? Should the drug be stopped if any  particular side affect appears? What can I take or do, if some or all of the side effects appear?

8. What if I miss a dose?

9. Should I avoid any physical activities? Should I avoid Sun or driving during the course of drug ?

10. Who should I contact in case I have a question later?

If you are at the prescription counter, make sure that you are asking your state licensed pharmacist, not a clerk,  these questions. Also understand, however knowledgeable and educated a pharmacist is, his advice is no substitute for a doctors advice. When in doubt, don't hesitate to call your doctor back to ask any questions, about the prescription, you might have.

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