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Sexual Function and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)


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Sexual function declines with age causing erectile dysfunction; the big question is how to prevent the decline in sexual prowess and the ED. Answer is simple: have more sex. Use sex or lose sex! We already know that senior citizens are more likely to have sex than the earlier generations.

A recent study in AJM titled “Regular intercourse protects against erectile dysfunction: Tampere Aging Male Urologic Study” followed men (mean age 59.2 years) over a period of five years. The overall incidence of moderate or complete erectile dysfunction was 32 cases per 1000 person-years. The authors found that those who were having regular sex at the start of the study had the least sexual decline.

The risk of erectile dysfunction was inversely related to the frequency of intercourse Men who had sexual intercourse less than once per week at baseline had twice the risk of erectile dysfunction compared with those reporting intercourse once per week (incidence rate ratio 2.2). There was no relationship between morning erections and erectile dysfunction.

Bottom line: Sexual prowess is just like exercise in general which builds strength and endurance. Sex in golden years equals gold medal in sexual prowess, and potentially less need for sex stimulant ED foods/pills like Viagra. Erectile dysfunction is related to complex interplay between physiologic as well as psychosocial and nutritional factors. Modify the factors that you can, i.e. have more sex.



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Sexual Health

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