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Non-stop Persistent Eyelid-twitching - My Comments (extra details)

From: ntuc
Date: 11 Jan 2008
Time: 07:44:26 -0600
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Note : The following is only intended as a follow-up of my previous article and the information given are meant to serve only as reference materials to the intended readers. Relevant medical advices should be sought to establish the authenticity of the contents below. About my personal experience of getting totally healed from this eyelid-twitching sickness, well, in fact I was initially instructed by a psychiatrist to take Rispderdal in the first place for the treatment of my Schizophrenia sickness. And having taken this medication for about one year based on his prescribed dosage, my eyelids started to twitch, quite unnoticeable by me at first, but when more and more people began to ask me the reason why I kept on blinking my eyes to anyone who looked at me, I just started to sense this particular eyelid-twitching symptom but without being aware of its underlying causes at all. It was only when my eyelids began to twitch non-stop and violently day after day without me being able to do anything to deal with it, I then just referred this problem to my psychiatrist who subsequently told me that he couldn't do anything about it and referred me instead to a the eye doctors, ENT Specialists and neurosurgeons. Having examined my conditions, medical history as well as my diet and the existing medications that I was taking by that time, they all unanimously arrived at the diagnosis that the eyelid-twitching was definitely and undoubtedly caused by the prolonged intake of Risperdal which actually carried such side effects of muscle spasms especially the ones inflicted on the upper part of the face of a person who took it for a certain period of time. In fact, by that time, I just accordingly followed the advice of the new psychiatrist and replaced this Risperdal with an alternative medication called Seroquel,which was actually a second-generation drug that didn't cause that much muscle-spasms side effects. However, even after I had quit taking Risperdal for more than 6 months, the violent non-stop twtichings still persisted. And actually before I decided to seek acupuncture treatment (as recommended by my friends) to deal with this sickness, I did accept the suggestion of a neurosurgeon to take Botox injections to deal with the problematic eyelid-muscles that caused all the twitchings. Next, the Botox injections, in fact did give positive results in the first place whereby my eyelids just didn't twitch that violently after being given the injections. However, upon knowing from the neurosurgeon that Botox injections was actually not an effective cure for this eyelid-twitching sickness, for the very reason that the medications would just serve to sort of 'half-paralyse' the eyelid muscles without being able to do anything curative to the problematic nerves around the twitching eye muscles, coupled with the fact that such Botox medications tend to get immunized by the human body, it thus would just mean that larger and larger dosages of such medications would be required for each subsequent injection therapy (which would last for 3-6 months each) in order to achieve the similar healing effect of the previous ones. Besides, it was also actually a very expensive therapy as it would cost me about 5,000 dollars for each injection therapy session and hence, to keep on spending such huge sums of money to stop my eyelids from twitching would just be very expensive and unreasonable. Whilst the neurosurgeon mentioned to me also about a surgical treatment to effectively cure the eyelid-twitching, the operation, apart from being very costly, was also actually a very risky one as its failure may very well bring blindness to the persons being operated. At the same time, even such surgery were to turn out to be successful, it would also be unable to achieve 100% complete healing to anyone being operated in the sense that the eyelid-twitching conditions can never 'look perfectly normal' like the ones who were totally not troubled by such a sickness at all. So, I just eventually gave up the idea of getting a surgery to treat the sickness. Being terribly desperate, I just came to the decision of referring my eyelid-twitching sickness to an acupuncture expert which was recommended to me previously by my friends. Frankly speaking, at first I didn't actually have any faith or confidence in such a needle-based therapy and I hardly believed that these needles alone would be able to get my eyelid-twiching healed. Next, having received such therapy, my eyelids still twitched violently like before without any improvements. However, after taking a good sleep at night that particular day after the acupuncture treatment, I just woke up the next day and found that there were lots of dried mucus that stuck around my eyes, and surprisingly, after rubbing away these dried mucus to open up my eyes, my eyelids just don't twitch so violently anymore and immediately I was able to do the simple readings and watch tv as well as work with the PC screen without getting any discomfort. And based on the acupuncturist who dealt with my sickness, that acupuncture point as mentioned in that main article was actually directly interconnected with the bundle of nerves around the eye muslces, and so by administering treatment to it, that will sort of applying some kind of 'reflexology stimulus' to the nerves around the eye-muscles to improve the blood circulation around that area as well as to strengthen these specific nerves and to enable any unwanted metabolism wastes, blockages and toxins accumulated around that eye areas to be effectively purged out of a person's body (through dried mucus around one's eyes) And having applied that therapy on my own as instructed by the acupuncturist, my eyelid-twitching condition just got better and better day after day and within 2 months, the sickness was totally gone whereby my I just appeared to be perfectly normal to anyone who talked to, looked and stared at me until now. Though the therapy mechanism mentioned above could hardly be scientifially verified and proven by the modern medical science, however, as far as a patient suffering from this sickness is concerned, it is more the very effective cure for such sickness itself rather than all other medical and scientific reasonings that would eventually matter the most to the patients. As such, this is the main reason why I would seek acupuncture treatment as a last resort to deal with my eyelid-twitching sickness. And being subsequently encouraged by the dozens of successful cases of those other people in my real life who had been troubled persistently by such non-stop eyelid-twitching sickness and who then eventually got effectively and totally healed in time through the acupuncture technique that I recommended to them, I was thus greatly inspired to post such articles about my very own genuine personal experience of getting totally cured from such a sickness to at least give a clue and some guidelines to the ones who are still being troubled by it so that the similar wonderful thing will happen to them too.

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