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Re: globus hystericus treatment - My Fix it now for free.

From: Globus
Date: 20 Oct 2005
Time: 11:22:07 -0000
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I had exacly the same problem, but I had mine from the age of 10 until 27! But fixing it was surprisingly easy.

For me Globus was just a simple 'stimulus responce' thing. As soon as my throat started to tense up I would take a Tic Tac or another lolly. Eventually I could not live without them, and I would feel sick if I suddenly realised that I was out - even if I had not needed them or thought about them right before that.

You have to break the 'stimulus - responce' pattern. Everytime you think of the globus situation, you will start to suffer from it, soo think about something else.

I forced myself to go without Tic tacs for 3 days, not hard for anyone else but myself. I was at the point of throwing up about every 5 minutes, but then as soon as I started to feel like the globus was coming on - I would force myself to swallow the saliva that was building up and think about planning a holiday. I will tell you that it is really tough.

After the 3 days, I started to automatically think about my holiday rather than globus or the need for a tic tac - and once that was automatic the globus disappeared.

I still get kind of a sensation now and again, but it is not too much to manage.

I'll check back later so tell me if it works for you too, and if it does pass it on.

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