Rheumatology and Related Health Issues

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It can't be rheumatoid arthritis, if not what could it possibly be?

From: nicola45@hotmail.com
Date: 16 Sep 2002
Time: 09:03:50
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PLEASE HELP ME, IT HURTS SO MUCH!!! This is a short idea of how my body is physically self distuctive, and what it has done to me at only twenty-two years old. My life has been consumed by the burning, stabbing, tingeling sort of pain in my arms and legs. It consumes about fourty percent of my body, specifically from my shoulders down to my meta-carpals as well as my lowwer lumbar. When this started six years ago, the first doctor I went to diagnosed it as "weak wrists" and put braces on me. ("Because I had recently began working as a auto mechanic and that put to much strain on the mucels.) I returned to see him three months later to be rediagnosed with carpaltunel desease. At first the pain was only in my right hand, but over the next two years the it worsened to be both hands and from my elbow all the way down in my right arm. In those two years I returned to the same clinic, but I saw a different doctor each time. During this time I started having problems with dislocating my shoulders and hips. My ankles and knees would also give me frequent probles. I went through all of doctors there, sometimes two or more at a time! After all that I only got a, "Your too young for this to be this way, sorry we don't know what is wrong with you."I gave up and tried others. Over the next four years I tried fourteen physicians. It was an E.R. doc' that the closest one to what was happening, ever, figured on arthritis. He told me that carpaltunel starts by effecting the three inner fingers of the hand, thumb twords the middle finger. Where as arthritis starts with pinky then moves across the hand, which also helped acount for the pain starting in the upper half of my right fore arm. But it is extremely uncomin to acure younger then mid thirties. Unfortunatly he couldn't do much more then to continue my own methods ofpain releaf, and refferd me to a hand specialist. That I couldn't afford. So since I have left it all alone. While having to stuggeled through the burning aches, against the tingeling in my legs and how much my hands shake.... I don't think I can make it much longer living like this. Every time the seasons change it gets worse. My hands and knees swell up, which forces me to crack my joints alot. Some days mabey a dozen plus times, and not just my hands or back but all my joints grind and crack when roatated. There are times where I hurt SO bad that tears poor from my eyes, I get so mean that no one can be near me. My lowwer lumbar pain can cause me to loose sleep, loose feeling in one or both of my legs, and when rubbed even lightly can cause me to sob uncontrolably. PLEASE, PLEASE someone help me with any knowledge or insight into any part of my curse. Any help is so greatly appreciated, thank you so much for taking the time to listen. Have A Good Day!

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