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Re: Diverticulosis/Diverticulitis - with chronic diarhea

From: Sheri Collins
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Date: 19 Jul 2009
Time: 21:05:05 -0500
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My name is Sheri, In Feb. 2007 I was diagnosed with C-Diff (a Staph infection) caused by an antibiotic, oh what sever pain, diarrhea, nausea. When I went to the E.R. the Dr. told me I was 100% dehydrated and 100% at starvation. This sared me as my mother just 1 1/2 months earlier passed away with VRE & MRSA (staph) after the lovely meds Fagyl and tohers for nauses and diarrhea (2weeks) I felt fine then just 2 days later it started all over again. I went to the ER the tests and CT Scan revealed Diverticulitis (same pain/diarrhea, etc as with the staph) ever since then I have had diarrhea & nausea every day 7-13 time. I have been back to the ER many times and they keep diagnosing me with another "itis". The last time I went they said I had food poisining!! I have lost my home, I am now finally on food stamps, staying with friends (GOD bless them) but my life is miserable every day pain, nausea & diarrhea. I am not strong enough do do anything and now I am trying for SSI/SSD. I can't even get medical!!! This country I was raised to be proud of is sure letting me down. If anyone has any means of what I should do or who I shoud turn to. I can't gain any of my weight back I now am at 88 lbs. I am just so tired of being sick. I am 48yrs old. I was a caregiver for my mom for the last year of her life so I put me on hold now I am the one who needs help. My # is 702-453-0147. Please only anyone who has some advise please call. God Bless you and thank you for reading my story.

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