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My life with Diverticu;itis

From: Sheri Collins
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Date: 19 Jul 2009
Time: 21:03:57 -0500
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I am 48yrs old. At first I went to the ER complaing I felt bad and that I had been exposed to VRE & MRSA (no tests were taken) they diagnosed me with a tootheache!. After taking the medication I felt fine, 1 week late I woke up with the most horrible pains in my abdomin, diarrhea and leg cramps. I suffered for 8 days before I went to the emergency room. There I was diagnosed with C-Diff (a staph infection) after taking the medication for 2 weeks I felt good, 2 days later it started again. I went to the ER they dianosed me with Diverticulitis. I took all the medication, but having diarrhea 30+ times a day, the pain, nausea just took a toll on me. Since then I have been in the ER for 8 times and I get dianosed with another "itis" Colitis, Gastrtis, deep gastric ulcer, etc. I live with diarrhea every day pain every day. I don't work (I can't) in 2007 I was the care giver for my mom. She passed away with 2 staph infections in her! Now I am fighting to get medcal from my state. I have also applied for SSI/SSD as I clearly feel that I am going to be miserable for the rest of my life, and if I can't work (I now am homeless due to all this-lost my home++++) I want help from the state that I have busted my but in all my life. I was always the one to give and I feel ashamed to have to beg for help. It's hard but I have 2 dogs that need me. My firend of 36 yrs. is helping me the best way she can, at least my dogs aren't out in the heat! If anyone has any advise I truly would appreciate it. This is my friends computer so I will take the chance and give out a phone # 702-453-0147. Thank you to who have read my story. God Bless Sheri

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