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Re: Rotten egg/sulfur burps

From: Pooka
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Date: 07 Apr 2008
Time: 17:49:26 -0500
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I can't give you an answer to 'why', but I can give you suggestions. I've been suffering with the same thing since I was in the 3rd grade (I'm 33 years old now). I've gone to doctors about this problem numerous times, and all they do is tell me that nothing is wrong, frequently after looking at me like I was crazy. My mother also developed the same troubles, and my grandmother had it as well (but she was my grandmother from the other side of the family, so I don't know if that means it's anything genetic or not.) First off, here is what seems to be the exact symptoms.... ~Burps that smell like rotten eggs. They start mild, and get much worse as time goes on. ~Stomach cramps (from gas). ~As time goes on the taste and smell of the burps get so bad that they induce vomiting. ~Bad gas (from the, erm, other side) that smells like rotton eggs. ~Often accompanied by 'the runs'. Since I've never gotten any help, I've learned how to best prevent it. Here are my tips. Avoid eggs!! Seriously. Enemy #1 for causing this! Especially egg whites. Now eggs mixed into something for say, baking is fine. But be cautious of anything else with egg whites. Some mayonase can cause it, as can the very rare mirange. Don't eat french toast again, since sometimes that just little bit of egg can get into a hole in the bread and cause all of this. So, avoid cooked egg whites like the plauge. O.o Cheap hot dogs... bad, very bad. Often they will cause the same effect. If you really love hot dogs, make sure to always get ones of decent quality (all beef, etc). Many types of popcorn can cause this as well. There have been a few types of cereal that cause the burps, but I've noticed that it doesn't always happen. Cherrios sometimes can cause it (along with all of the other types of it), and I was reading this today after having a no-name brand of sugar crisp that caused this for me again. Sometimes stress seems to inflame these troubles, I've also had it randomly happen without eatting any of the 'bad foods' on the list and just being very stressed. How to deal with it... (some of these are disgusting, I know. But it does help.) This is what I've learned is the best way to deal with this trouble. First off, if you notice that first few warning tastes/burps, get ready. If you don't have to go anywhere, good. If you do have to go somewhere, you need to call in sick. :( I know that this isn't always possible, and people never understand 'sulphur burps and sickness' as being a reason. (I call it 'sulphuric reflux' when I have to describe it.) When it gets to that 'pre-vomiting' time, take a sleeping pill and sleep it off. Occationally the bad stomach cramps have woken me, but not frequently. When you have to deal with the burps, keep some type of 'faning device' near you (ie, a peice of cardboard) then when you have to burp do so quickly, and forcefully. End it with a strong blow, turn your head hold your breath and fan away what you just burped. It sounds silly, but the main thing that causes vomiting is from the taste and smell. Do your best to get rid of that. Keep a puke bucket near you. >.< You may need it. I've tried all sorts of stomach pills, but nothing has really helped. But then again I've had no medical aid with this, and have been going through it on and off for around 25 years. Maybe you'll find some stomach pill or ant-acid that can help. I 'think' that pepto-bismal may have helped me before, but I wasn't sure if it just wasn't a bad case, or if it actually did something. Follow these tips, and it should help. The biggest thing is to avoid those foods!! Seriously, that's the worst culprit for causing it. I get this maybe once every year or so now... very rarely I'll get a bout of it on and off for a short time before I find what was causing it. (One time it was some chicken sandwich meat. O.o) So if it happens, the first thing to think of is what you ate, and start cutting what could have caused it out of your diet. I really hope that I could have helped you out a bit. And I even more hope that doctors will someday take this seriously. >.<

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