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From: THAKUR PD , thakurpd@bharatpetroleum.in
Date: 04 Feb 2007
Time: 10:59:55 -0600
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NEED EXPERT COMMENTS ON THE PROBLEM TO BE SENT TO thakurpd@bharatpetroleum.in For last 25 yrs I am working in shift duties. Occationaly I used to have acidity (slight burning in chest. Unknowingly sometimes I use to smoothly rub chestwhile eating.No other problem of digestive system.Last five month I started a reflux problem (some acidic liquid coming in throat if I slept on stomach.This problem recured sometimes if I slept on side or on back.Semidigested food particles are observed along reflux. ENDOSCOPY/BARIUM SWALLOW:GEJn at 40cm. at 35 cm large epithrenic diverticum 5 to 7 cm in size on right side of the chest (wide mouth open) on post with food residue in it which trickels to esophagus.(fasting was 16 hrs). STOMACH,DUODENUM D1,D2 NORMAL BIOPSY OF DIVERTICULUM AREA: Strips of nonneoplastic squamous mucosa.mild inflamation seen in the epithelium with slough on the surface.PAS staining showed several budding.Yeast forms of Candida in the exudate.No malgnancy observed. CT scan report:There is large fluid/contrst filled structure seen arising from the lower esophagus extending on the right side.The adjacenect esophagus shows mild wall thickening.There are small illdefined areas of ground glass attenuation seen in the right upper lobe & the superior segment of the right lower lobe,which appear to be due to aspiration or infective /inflammatory. I WANT TO KNOW 1)Can I live without operation? 2)wheather diverticula increase change in size? 3)Any other type of disaes like cancer/pnemonia will occur? 4)Is there any particular diet to be followed;physical activity to be restricted. 5)Is there any alternative therapy available to shrink diverticula. 6)If requre LAPROSCOPIC OPERATION IS POSSIBLE by which metod?(Clamping/cutting) 7)What are the +ve -ve aspects of open surgery.(one surgen told in my case after sugery reflux problem of stomach due to damage to the musculer ring which act as non return valve located at inlet of stomach is possbile & leakage of internal stiches are -ve point. 8)After open surgery will there be any restiction on my activities/lifestyle.

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