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Undiagnosed Gastro Reflux and other Symptoms

Date: 27 Feb 2007
Time: 10:44:10 -0600
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Hi, I guess I should start from the beginning, but it may get somewhat long, but i'll do my best to keep it short. On january 14th, I thought i got the stomach flu, vomitting, diarrhea, major abdominal pain, fevers. Couldn't stand up straight for nothing. Well, a couple days later, The abd. pain is all in right side infront, on the side, in my back, the diarrhea still comes and goes. Can't eat anything, as i'll vomit, or it goes straight through me and out the backdoor liquified. Then it all stops, no more vomitting, just nauseated constantly, at times the smell of food made me run for the bathroom. couldn't handle food at all except for plain mashed potaotes, jello, and water. Dr.s kept telling me to stick with liquid diet til my stomach settles. Then constipation. A week goes by, no bowell movements, then major cramping out of no where and diarrhea hits. Move forward to today. Still sick. my diet that my stoamch won't reject consists of water, sprite, mashed potaotes, rice, flout tortillas, avocadoes and light white fish like sole or snapper. I started out at 118 and now weigh in at 99 fully dressed with a jacket on. tests--tons of bloodwork, stool samples, urine, x-rays, ct scan, ultra sounds, scopes~upper and lower. All negative. So here i am thinking i'm on my way to getting better as I have been able to expand my diet to the above lsit over the last two weeks- til yesterday. I hadn't had any bowell movements in 9 days, then I have one, very small one too, just a couple little plunks, and then about 4 hours later, my abdomen is twisting in knots and doubles me over while standing, and it hurts, the cramping sticks around for about 45 minutes, then I make a run for the restroom, and straight liquid comes out, all the while I am cramping like there is no tomorrow, so painful, crying. This took me about 45 minutes in the bathroom. Then it stops, the cramping goes down, and levels off to my right side as usual, and then my stomach is upset, I eat very little, one plain tortilla. And now i'm back to what has been normal as of lately. eating fish and tortillas, as I ate tortillas with peanut butter for breakfast, and made me sick, so peanut butter is definitely out. but the right pain, nausea and no bowell movements are back. I am at the point where i am worried about the weight loss. I want to just start eating whatever and force my body to accept the food. I figure if nothing is wrong with me, then what harm can come to me. I will be making myself uncomfortable and in pain til my organs decide to accept food, but other than that, I must be fine. Has anyone else gone thru anything like this, and can they maybe explain some of it? I know when they did the scopes, they took samples for biopsies. I don't even know what they biopsy for. I won't know anyhting for over a week. I'm just supposed to sit here and wait some more? I'm going on week 6 and have lost way too much weight. And am worried and tired of it all and am not sure how much more of this being ill I can take. If anyone can help me, that would be awesome. Thank you for taking the time reading this. ams

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