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chronic stomach problems

From: frustrated
Date: 29 Jan 2007
Time: 23:19:34 -0600
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My primary symptoms, whether related or not, are 6-12 bowel movements a day, chronic diarrhea- at least 4 days out of the week, continual abdominal cramping and feelings of having to have a bowel movement, very bad gas- but only at night, frequent urination and/or pressure on bladder making me feel as though I have to go even when my bladder is empty. I wake up between 4 and 7 times a night to urinate and urinate about every hour during the day. I have extreme lower back pain, but only when I lie down. Symptoms relating to the stomach and bladder began when I was five, but have only gotten worse as I have aged (currently 25). I have visited a urologist, and technically there is nothing wrong with my bladder or urinary system- bladder is empty even when it feels as though I have to go. As a child, my pediatrician only put me on Metamucil and other regulators which obviously did not work. In January of 2004 I had a colonoscopy and upper GI, both were normal and the general surgeon recommended trying a lactose and/or gluten free diet. The lactose free diet had absolutely no affect, whereas the gluten free diet seemed to have some type of initial affect. I stayed on the gluten free diet for a year and a half, but ultimately it did not help the problems I was having. Also, the majority of the year, the cramping etc. is bearable, but every six months or so I hit a bout where I will have extreme pain and diarrhea constantly for about a month or so, then back to “normal”. In October of 2006 I began seeing a gastroenterologist. He performed another colonoscopy which came back normal, and an upper endoscopy, also normal and the biopsy confirmed I was not gluten intolerant. He placed me on an irritable bowel medication which had no effect, an anti- biotic that is supposed to be the equivalent to a month of Cipro in seven days- no effect. I have also been on anxiety medications to no avail, and I am not really a nervous person. I have since had a lower bowel follow through, hyda scan, ct scan, blood work testing for diabetes, liver functions, glandular functions, as well as a myriad of other blood related tests, all of which have come back normal. My general surgeon, gastroenterologist and general physician have conferred with one another and all agree that whatever is plaguing my body is real and not in my head, but they have no idea what is going on. I am 6’ 4” and 192 lbs, so it is not at all a weight related issue. There are no food or event triggers, and I am extremely frustrated. My next step is to go to Vanderbilt if they accept my case. If anyone has any advice or similar experience, please let me know.

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