Eyes and Related Health Issues

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Re: flashing light in left eye

From: JG
Color1: red
Date: 12/30/2008
Time: 3:24:55 AM
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This is more commonly age related, and can be a little scary, because most people believe it might possibly be a stroke. It's probably the vitreous gel (that fills the inside of your eye) pulling or rubbing on your retina. I would definitely recommend an opthomologist check for a torn or detached retina. If they don't find that to be the case, then you're probably ok. Don't be surprised to find "floaters" which are basically shadows of the loose gel cast on the retina. When the flashes subside, and they most likely will. Flashes and floaters can be "fixed" or zapped, if caught early, but be aware if the retina is detached, you may run the risk of losing vision in that eye. If your symptoms worsen, then do not hesitate to contact an opthomologist immediately. Good luck. JG

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