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Formal Therapies From Western Medication For Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Non-stop Eyelid Twitching - My Views Based On My Experiences, Research & Observations so far

From: Mary Perkins
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Date: 8/8/2008
Time: 1:55:46 AM
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Formal Therapies From Western Medication For Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Non-stop Eyelid Twitching - My Views Based On My Experiences, Research & Observations so far In the case of prolonged neuromuscular eyelid twitchings, since it is the dopamine-disturbing substances / other 'contaminating agents' that disturb the eyes nerves and cause all the unwanted twitchings, spasms, tics etc, getting rid of them from the eyes nerves /related nerves around the particular organ having the twitchings would then naturally, reasonably, logically and obviously be the most clear-cut, direct and straightforward way of curing such a neurological / neuromuscular sickness. Unfortunately, in terms of the formal mainstream western medical science (in contrast to such alternative therapies as acupuncture etc), the particular technology of administering direct and effective treatments onto the peripheral nerves around a particular area of muscles having certain neurological movements / neuromuscular disorders (in order to cure them effectively) simply has not yet been found/invented/developed/discovered by the modern medical science of the formal western medication. Next, even such sophisticated medication as Botox injections could only deal with such neuromuscular disorders merely through indirect means of 'interception' by 'half-paralysing' the areas of muscles having the twitchigs (even in the case where the muscles themselves do not have any problems / simply are not the root cause of such twitchings) without being able to deal with the problematic nerves causing all those unwanted twitchings to those muscles. And that's the reason why the recipients of Botox injections would need to get such treatments over and over again when the muscle-paralysing effects of such medications lapse totally (after 3-6 months). Therefore, such an argument actually suggests the main reason why a person troubled with chronic prolonged eye twitching problems would hardly get their problems effectively solved by using such formal therapies as eye drops, vitamin / mineral pills, anti-muscle-spasms injections, medications etc as they simply do not or rather cannot deal directly and effectively with the underlying problematic nerves around the twitching eyes /other muscles & organs that cause all those unwanted twitchings. This is due to the underlying fact that the 'right technology' for the treatment of such neuromuscular disorders simply doesn't exist in the present day western medical science (which covers the those treatments mentioned above). In this regard, I was caught in such a predicament / difficult situation too during the initial period when I firstly sought repeated but futile treatments from such formal medical personnel and specialists of the western medication to deal with my Tardive Dyskinesia-induced non-stop eyelid twitching before I finally got it totally cured once and for all through the acupuncture treatment which serve to deal with the root cause of the non-stop eyelid-twitching problem by purging / driving out the dopamine-disturbing substances / other contaminating agents that cause all the non-stop twitchings gradually and eventually out of my body enabling me to get healed in the end.

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