Eyes and Related Health Issues

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Re: excessive eye blinking

From: Johnny
Date: 15 Nov 2005
Time: 06:15:05
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For me it is stress which causes it. A lot of disorders vary greatly... we name them so that we have some reference in which to categorize them. However, in practice, they rarely fall directly into one thing or another.

mine are low-level ticks (non-complex)some basic motor fuctions (mosty automatic ones such as blinking and breathing)... I've found that Tourettes and obssesive compulsive disorder are quite closely related (almost the same thing). You can feel it, im quite obsessive-compulsive, but i also have the low-level tourettes... it feels like the same problem, but in a different area of the brain (motor-control, rather than in the higher brain functions as in obsessive-compulsive).

As for the doctors who say that you should ignore it in your children and it will go away While true, in that it wont allow them to use it as a crutch as they go about their lives (i think in that way it made a difference in my life), in my case i began to think it was "me", and that there was nothing wrong. When i finally realized what it was, it was a HUGE relief knowing that their was something wrong, and that I wasnt directly responsible for it(though thinking i was made me work very hard and i think i am better as a result of the work). That relief released a LOT of stress, which aided in keeping the ticks away.

Your typical family doctor isnt a neuro-specialist... dont put absolute trust in their opinions. Not even the specialists fully understand what is occuring in the brain. Just work through it, dont let your kids use it as a crutch, but dont let them go through life thinking it's their fault. Work through it.

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