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Cure for Eye Flashes??

From: ssingh@sai-inc.com
Date: 17 Jun 2005
Time: 19:59:43
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anyone know a cure for eye flashes not caused by retinal detachment? as i noted in my previous post, my eyes appear to be okay but im getting this periodic flash of light in my left eye on the upper left side in my perphreal vision. while things appear to be okay and i was assured by an opthomologist that im NOT going blind, i was wondering if there is any remedy or cure for this annoying thing. it isnt horrible and mostly i just get a split second flash only once maybe every hour (these days)...but it is very irritating and sort of been depressing me lately. it makes my heart jump when it happens too...dunno why! but if anyone knows any remedies thatd be awsome. i heard soemthing once about Miso?....any ideas are welcome!!

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