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Re: flashing light in left eye--me too!!

From: ssingh@sai-inc.com
Date: 16 Jun 2005
Time: 15:19:17
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i too woke up yesterday with this periodic flashing in the upper right corner of my left eye. all the way left in my perphreal vision actually. it only lasts a second and by the time i have a chance to look to the left its gone. this obviously startled me because ive never experienced it before, and also bc. last week i began to have episodes of blurriness with my vision but assumed it was just my contacts. bc of the flashing though i decided i needed to check this out bc it got me all panicked! anyway i went to the opthomologist yesterday and he told me (after he did a very thorough exam on my dilated pupils)that the trouble can be caused from one of two things; I have lattice degeneration in one eye that is basically a thinning of the retina. He says it does not necessarily mean my retina is in danger of becoming detached, but it is something that could rarely, though sometimes, cause the retina to detach or tear. He said that what they usually do if they feel the retina is in danger of detaching, is a laser surgery to build the retinal tissue. But he does not think it looks like anything we need to be concerned of right now.

The other issue he says may be causing my vision problems, are some small lesions on my retina tissue that arenít dangerous, but could be the reason I am seeing the flashing. At any rate he told me there is no reason to be alarmed because he canít see anything emergency developing, but he does want to monitor me and see me again in 2 weeks. At that point I think he will determine whether I need to get laser or just sit tight. either way it looks like Iíll be okay. He also reassured me that I was most likely not experiencing the beginning stages of any terrible disease, lol.

either way go to the doctor and have him do an exam just to be sure you arent experiencing any danger signs of retinal detachment, otherwise they will probably just monitor it.

but yes the flashing is super annoying. hopefully ill get use to it. for soem reason it makes my tummy do flip flops when it happens. i think its bc it happens so periodically it startles me. oh well feel free to email me if you have questions!

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