Eyes and Related Health Issues

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Re: excessive eye blinking

From: Mike Thomas
Date: 06 Nov 2004
Time: 01:46:59
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I am 20 years old and have had this problem for about 13 years. I constantly blink due to the fact that my eyes tend to blurr and ache a bit if I don't. At first I thought it was a nervous tick, but now I'm not so sure. Back when it all started I was made fun of all the time in school =/. It stopped for a few years and then it came back again. Sometimes I feel it is from stress, and other times I think I have a ocular problem. I'm not entirely sure what your children are feeling, but, from experience, they probably feel a little self-conscience about it all. I know I do. Once in a while I get the feeling people are always watching me, always wondering "Why does he always blink?" I've even had people ask me to my face why it is I did it, but never have I been able to give them a respectable answer because, well, I don't know the answer to tell you the truth. There are three possible scenerios that I've come up with. Three pretty respectable explainations for it all. 1.) Stress. Stress often causes a lot of nervous ticks and habits and so forth. 2.) Ocular, or vision, problems. Certain eye conditions do affect the way your eyes respond to light, and debris. Often times people excessivly blink because their eyes do not focus with the normal one blink every so often. And 3.) It could merely be just a nervous tick or a severly aggrovating habit. Nonetheless, I know what your children are going through and to give you my honest opinion... it really isn't something to worry about too too much. My advice would be to take him/her to an optomotrist and ask their professional advice. For all we know, it could be treatable.

I hope this has helped you in some way.

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