Eyes and Related Health Issues

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Anyway of.....?

From: Warda (WardaFL@hotmail.com).
Date: 21 Jun 2002
Time: 17:22:40
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I am 18 yrs. old and I have had long history of eye problems ever since I was 11 yrs. old, thats because I am very near sighted. I have had 3 eye surgeries becase of retinal detachments. They had to Silicone Oil in my Rt Eye. and Now they have to remove it. because its been causing severe High eye pressures upto 50's. thats been going on since 1999. Now my doctor says, all the optic nerves are shot. there is really no other way of recuperating the vision u lost. Thats just a short version of my eye condition, there are like long stories, like dealing with insurance company who keeps changing my plan, and doctors, and admission departments who say different things every different time. But like I said above, If anyone know anything about the ratio of people who had there optic nerve regenerated after similar case like mine, it would be great, & I would appreciate it alot. u can e mail me at WardaFL@hotmail.com or if there is some especial website, that'll be great to, I just wanna know more of what I am dealing with, I kinda don't trust science, sometimes there're things u just Leave'em to God, and he takes'sm from there.....and all doctors could say, "OH we knew, but didn't wanted to pump your feelings"....I'll appreciate it alot if anyone can let me know. thanking you in advance. *Warda*:) *Smile* Most cheapest and greatest gift u can give to anyone :)

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