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Surgery is not an option, once colon cancer has spread beyond colon

Is it a Myth or a Fact? Find out below

In not too distant past, this concept used to be felt as true. But there have been a lot of technologic advances in surgery lately, especially liver surgery. These days, a limited amount of spread to the liver does not preclude surgery as an option to treat colon cancer. However, this is not a viable option if the extent of cancer is widespread.

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Colon Cancer Surgery

Colon Cancer treatment that a patient and doctor choose to pursue will be based on the extent, or stage, of the cancer. For removing tumors due to colon cancer, resection surgery (sometimes called a partial or hemicolectomy) is the most common treatment.

A resection is major surgery where the surgeon enters the abdomen through a large incision in the abdominal wall. The diseased section of the colon or rectum is removed along with lymph nodes and part of the healthy colon. Next, the two healthy ends are reattached. The surgeon's goal will be for the patient to return to the most normal bowel function possible.

In some cases where a significant amount of the colon or rectum is diseased, a reconnection (also called anastomosis) may not be possible. In these cases, a colostomy may be necessary.



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